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Opening during the Nazi occupation of Greece, international bestseller No Limits, is a true-life adventure story of Nick Haritatos. From his humble beginnings in war-torn Greece to southern Africa, Nick began a remarkable journey to success, buying his first business at sixteen and creating a portfolio of successful companies in Rhodesia, South Africa, and the United States.

No Limits gives readers a glimpse into the experiences and mindset of a man who faced numerous obstacles with unwavering confidence and a unique ability to build relationships with people from every walk of life. These relationships, coupled with the determination, passion and focus that he cultivated, gave Nick opportunities to build multi-million-dollar businesses, become a successful pilot, walk the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail from the US-Mexico border north to the Oregon border, create a beautiful family and circle of friends, and achieve almost every other goal he set for himself.

With a foreword by Jack Canfield, No Limits will both entertain and inspire you. It is full of heart-warming relationships, drama, intrigue, and achievement, set against a background of tumultuous change. Woven into the text and highlighted in the appendix, No Limits includes Nick’s pillars of business and personal success.

If you want to become the architect of your own destiny, regardless of your circumstances, this book is for you.